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College Subscription Services, LLC

As students head back to college over these next few weeks, they are seeking ways to save money on a variety of items needed for school, such as books, notebooks, pens, tablets, dorm items and more.  Many of these things can be found competitively priced at the campus store; the local college store carries items particular to the students' school, most notably emblematic merchandise for school pride. 

CSS is another place to find great savings.  Besides our $5 off collection, we have some great specials for Back to School this Fall!  Try Sports Illustrated for only $20, The New Yorker for only $49 for students and educators, In Touch Weekly for only $59.97, and many more.  There are some great savings

Studying is boring, so try reading a magazine to lighten the load. 


Written by Vince Wolff —



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