Per the publisher, we will not be able to offer this title much longer.  Order TODAY before it's gone!

PLAYBOY Magazine is one of the most-recognized brands in America and is celebrated for its highly-regarded journalism as well as its high-quality pictorials of beautiful women. Every edition of PLAYBOY contains literature, political thought, sports, commentary and humor. The articles have been authored by notable writers including Kurt Vonnegut, Margaret Atwood, Norman Mailer and Alex Haley. Although PLAYBOY Magazine is best known for its nude photography (which returned to the magazine in its March/April 2017 edition), it is also highly regarded for its interviews, pop culture articles and fiction.

A subscription to Playboy Magazine would be an appropriate gift for anyone who appreciates the pictures it features along with the quality journalism for which it has been recognized. Yes, subscribers DO read the articles!

Every subscription to Playboy Magazine includes 12 issues, bundled into double issues as follows: January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October and November/December.

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