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$ 39.96 Cover Price $ 129.74

TV Guide Magazine tells you what’s worth watching. With its unparalleled access and authority, it's the only publication devoted exclusively to television. It includes celebrity interviews, in-depth previews, sneak peeks and authoritative reviews from critic Matt Roush.

TV Guide publishes 26 double or special issues per year, and each counts as 2 of the 52 issues per annual subscription. An annual (52 week) subscription to TV Guide Magazine will be delivered in the form of 26 double issues. Cover price is $4.99.

Digital FREE to print subscribers-Kindle, Nook, Google Play & Zinio

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Please allow 5-6 weeks for weekly titles, and 8-10 weeks for monthly, bimonthly and quarterly titles to ship from the publisher

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Per the publisher, please allow a minimum of 90 days to same name and/or delivery address for renewals

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