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Big Fall Magazine Savings

College Subscription Services has negotiated with several publishers to offer you great savings on some very popular magazines.   We have fantastic rates on titles like Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, Better Homes & Gardens, Penthouse, Popular Science, In Touch Weekly, Real Simple and many, many more.  Plus, CSS is losing Playboy on October 1, so now is the time to order.

Since magazines make great reading to keep up with news, politics and opinions, as well as tailoring their editorial to your interests, why not try out a new title today, or renew something you are currently receiving?  These deals I listed will end on October 15.  Happy Labor Day everyone!

Written by Vince Wolff —

Ultimate Guide to Back to School Savings

As students head back to college over these next few weeks, they are seeking ways to save money on a variety of items needed for school, such as books, notebooks, pens, tablets, dorm items and more.  Many of these things can be found competitively priced at the campus store; the local college store carries items particular to the students' school, most notably emblematic merchandise for school pride. 

CSS is another place to find great savings.  Besides our $5 off collection, we have some great specials for Back to School this Fall!  Try Sports Illustrated for only $20, The New Yorker for only $49 for students and educators, In Touch Weekly for only $59.97, and many more.  There are some great savings

Studying is boring, so try reading a magazine to lighten the load. 


Written by Vince Wolff —



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